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PTS Webinar "Chemical Modification and Reactive Extrusion of Cellulosic Fibres"

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28.09.2020 bis 28.09.2020

Natural Fibres play an increasingly role in the growing bioeconomy. The material immanent structure can be upgraded in manifold ways by means of chemical derivatization procedures. Chemistry offers a tremendous tool box for tailoring fibre properties. Corresponding sophisticated processing techniques such as PTS Reactive Extrusion enable practicability in an industrial environment.


This web conference is intended to give an insight into various chemical derivatization opportunities for cellulosic fibres such as glycol cleavage, esterification, carboxymethylation or calcium carbonate co-precipitation leading to surface modified fibres and modified cellulose nanomaterials, respectively that can be implemented in many different promising applications such as paper, construction materials or plastics.


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