Introduction to paper manufacturing

14.03.2023 - 15.03.2023
Online course
230314 GK IPM
990,00 €



Professionals who have now become part of the paper producing or processing industry, people interested in the topic of "paper" and experts from the "supply chain" of paper will receive answers to questions such as "What are the raw materials for paper production?", "How does a paper machine work?", "How is recovered paper integrated into the production process?" and "How is refined paper made from cellulose?" and many more.

Get to know the process of paper production compactly within 2 days at the PTS introductory seminar "Introduction to paper manufacturing"!

Program (PDF)

Main Focus

  • Paper production - Overview: History, raw material and technology
  • Wood to cellulose fibre
  • Recovered paper as a raw material
  • Testing the properties of the fibre suspension
  • Defibration and separation processes
  • Recyclability of packaging and printing papers
  • Testing of finished papers
  • Water cycle and quality
  • Filling and chemical additives
  • Paper machine
  • Surface upgrading of paper

Who is this event for?

This condensed and time-limited training offer provides a good alternative to prepare newcomers, engineers from outside the industry and skilled workers with the necessary know-how on the papermaking process.

PTS Experts

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    Graphische Papiere, Verpackungspapiere, Hygiene-Papiere und Spezial-Papiere sind die Hauptsortengruppen der Papiererzeugung. Jeder nutzt sie täglich in vielfältigen Varianten, doch wie werden diese produziert?


  • Surface functionalization of paper & board packaging

    Paper based packaging materials for food and consumer goods are highly demanded by end customers as well as by distributing companies. In many cases one or multiple coating layers enable the packaging to protect e.g. food via barrier functionalities.

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Ms. Celine Farr
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