Biobased solutions in papermaking and converting

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06.12.2022 - 07.12.2022
Conference Center IHD, Zellescher Weg 24, 01217 Dresden
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The broad implementation of renewable carbon into processes and materials is the major key to achieve this goal. In addition to efforts to increase energy efficiency and improve logistics, a main direction of development is to steer the efforts of future material-oriented research in the paper industry towards the development of 100 % bio-based paper products that can be recycled several times in the sense of a circular economy. Fortunately this is already true for the fibre fraction in paper. However, since industrialization, a wide range of chemical auxiliaries, coating materials and additives has developed to improve process capability and expand fields of application. Their function has become indispensable in today's paper technology and paper products.

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Main Focus

To name just a few examples, these include functional chemicals such as dry and wet strength agents, binders and adhesives, sizing agents, barrier coatings, printing inks or optical brighteners on the one hand and process chemicals such as retention aids, fixation agents, dispersants or defoamers on the other hand. Such substances are predominantly based on fossil raw materials and thus endanger the long-term role of paper as a sustainable material.

  • Biobased additives and auxiliaries and their production pathways
  • SUPD conformity in paper products
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Future Developments
  • Effects on Paper Recycling
  • Interaction with Conventional Additives and Processes
  • Market Developments and Trends
  • Life Cycle Assessments

Who is this conference for?

For CEOs, division, department and product managers as well as project managers from the areas of production, coating, preparation, product development, sales/marketing and production, this conference will provide interesting insights. Companies from the chemical, pulp, packaging and paper industries will receive information on new trends and further developments.

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