PTS Coating Symposium 2023

13.09.2023 - 14.09.2023
Bamberg Concert and Congress Hall
230913 SY CO
1.300,00 €



The PTS Coating Symposium is the international meeting point for experts from industry, research and development to learn about and discuss the latest innovations in coating and surface upgrading of paper and board materials. In addition to a well-selected scientific programme, you will have the opportunity to expand your network and meet interesting sponsors and exhibitors.



Bamberg Concert and Congress Hall
Mußstraße 1
96047 Bamberg

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Eveline Lemke – Thinking Circular ®: Change and Chance – how to overcome neo-economic challenges

Dr. Christian Kind – Koehler Innovation & Technology: System innovation through investment

Program plan

New Coating Materials

  • Per Svending – FiberLean Technologies: With MFC it is possible to coat in the paper machine wet-end
  • Lars Järnström – Karlstad University: Surface morphological and topographical examination of high speed coated PVOH barriers for improved understanding of coating process and barrier properties
  • Rajesh Koppolu – VTT: Multilayer Barrier Packaging Paper Based on Cross Linkable PLA, CNCs, and Biobased Hybrid Nanomaterials
  • Janet Preston – Imerys Minerals: Impact of mineral properties on coating strength in wet and dry situations - a mechanistic review and practical implications

Coating Application and Supporting Processes

  • Gert Hilden – BTG: Application of Barrier Coating
  • Stefan Divjak – GAW technologies: Preparation of starch via cavitation / Starch Saver
  • Wolf Heilmann: Different methods for drying functional surfaces and their influence upon their functionality
  • Magnus Nilsson – UMV Coating: Paper based barrier products achieved in two coating stations by new concept
  • Paul Morschek – Horst Sprenger: Barrier Coating with Rod Metering Systems
  • Dr. Alexander Hipp – Trinseo Europe GmbH: Multi-Functional Barrier Coating Systems created by Multi-Layer Curtain Coating
  • Julia Spengler – Voith Paper: Latest findings on resource-saving board calendering at highest quality standard

Closing the Loop

  • Roy Holfert – FormerFab: Paper as packaging material – challenges in forming paper into bags
  • Volker Muche & Dr. Alexander Bardenstein – Pacoon/DTI: Development of application specific recyclable molded pulp packaging with liquid barrier coatings 
  • François Bru – CTP: All cellulose barrier materials for the development of recyclable and biodegradable food packaging solutions
  • Jan Inauen – ZHAW: Innovative Sustainable Coatings to Address the Challenges of the Paper Industry
  • Dr. Annika Eisenschmidt & Kerstin Müller – PTS/Fraunhofer IVV: Biobased Barriers – Opportunities and Challenges


Eveline Lemke – Thinking Circular ®: Change and Chance – how to overcome neo-economic challenges

Climate change, the circular economy, the bio-economy or the carbon-economy challenge business plans. Eveline Lemke, founder of Thinking Circular® think tank, introduces strategies to overcome challenges and find into new business concepts.

Dr. Christian Kind – Koehler Innovation & Technology: System innovation through investment

Main Focus

  • New coating materials (starting materials and raw materials)
  • Applications (packaging, smart and functional surfaces)
  • Coating equipment
  • Methods and processes
  • Market trends
  • Characterisation of surfaces

Who is this conference for?

For managing directors, department heads, R&D managers, production managers, QM representatives, regulatory affairs managers, buyers, sales representatives as well as engineers from the paper manufacturing and processing industry and their suppliers, the symposium offers an ideal opportunity for knowledge exchange and trend scouting.

The PTS team led by Dr. Martin Zahel and Ina Greiffenberg is looking forward to very knowledgeable conference participants and an exciting lecture programme. Networking opportunities and personal exchange had to be foregone for a long time - and so this attendance event, break discussions, discussion rounds and the joint dinner offer many opportunities to strengthen personal contacts and cooperation.


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  • Surface functionalization of paper & board packaging

    Paper based packaging materials for food and consumer goods are highly demanded by end customers as well as by distributing companies. In many cases one or multiple coating layers enable the packaging to protect e.g. food via barrier functionalities.

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