PTS Christmas Campaign 2022: "Children of Chernobyl"

This year, PTS is again supporting a project that cares for children and their families from Chernobyl as part of the Christmas Campaign 2022.

PTS Christmas Campaign 2022: "Children of Chernobyl"

The PTS team wishes you and your families a reflective and peaceful Christmas time!

This year it is even more important that we as PTS support people, who are already generally affected by the nuclear disaster in the area around Chernobyl and additionally affected by the consequences of the current Ukraine war.

The Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) is therefore donating 1,200 € to the regional project group "Children of Chernobyl" and would like to encourage you to do the same, to support people in your environment or to donate!

Project "Children of Chernobyl"

In the coming year, the 30th children's recreation stay will be organised in Rosenthal at the resident Evangelical Lutheran Church congregation in "Saxon Switzerland" for about 25 children between 7 and 11 years of age from Belarus and the affected region around Chernobyl. The Ukraine war is also having a widespread impact on the Belarusian side, so that the affected families have had to refugee to Poland.

During the recovery stay, a varied leisure programme awaits the children, such as pottery courses in a local pottery, learning how to make paper, day trips to the Bundeswehr, weekend stays with host families and other activities with sponsors and supporters. Our PTS colleagues Franziska Gebauer and Steffen Schramm are involved in this initiative every year.

Healthy food, outdoor activities and a lot of attention help the children to strengthen their weakened immune system and to alleviate social and psychological trauma. The children's attachment and joy gives us courage to continue to work for these people and their problems.

Financing from donations:

The recovery stay of the Belarusian children is financed exclusively by donations. The project group is happy to receive any help and will gladly issue donation receipts if the recipient is notified.

The organisers behind it:

Since 1992, a team of 16 has been organising the annual recreational stay for children from Belarus, who have been directly or indirectly affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The project group under the umbrella of the church congregation includes people from a wide variety of world views and professions.

Information on the project group "Children from Chernobyl":

Donation account:

Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Rosenthal-Langenhennersdorf / Projektgruppe

Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

IBAN: DE56850503003000035078   


Kennwort: „Kinder von Tschernobyl“


Pfarrer i. R. Günter Hartmann

Kirchgasse 1 a · 01824 Rosenthal-Bielatal / Sächsische Schweiz / Germany

Phone: (035033) 72880

Phone: (035033) 72881


The project group "Children of Chernobyl" and the PTS team are looking forward to imitators & remain with merry Christmas greetings!

"PTS Christmas Campaign 2022: "Children of Chernobyl"
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