New issue of our PTS News

Look forward to the new edition of PTS News with exciting articles on fascinating topics from the world of paper!

This issue of PTS News is dedicated, among other things, to the highly topical discussion of the EU regulation on packaging and packaging waste (PPWR), which is causing a stir not only at PTS. In the leading article, all relevant information on the EU plan to achieve a reduction in packaging and packaging waste is presented and some legal aspects are discussed.

Other recent articles:

1. Paper technical ceramic components for sustainable thermal processes

How innovative ceramic lightweight structures contribute to optimizing thermal processes in order to further reduce environmental pollution and save energy costs.

2. BPA – EFSA reassessment 2023 and impact on food contact paper

Potential consequences of the EFSA reassessment and the counter-proposal by the BfR for tissues, cartons, corrugated cardboard etc. that come into contact with food.

3. Together around the globe with Mpact & Fiber Circle

The PTS as instructor in method training for successful recycling know-how in South Africa.

4. Geopolymer-Based Inorganic Paper Coating – "Geopolymer Coat"

New project deals with promising inorganic binder systems (geopolymers) for paper coating.

5. Miscanthus in Papermaking

Why the easy-growing sweet grass has great potential for the more environmentally conscious paper production of the future.

6. Analysis of the manufacturing year of paper

New insights into the precise determination of the age of paper with 14C dating for paper manufactured after 1960.

These and many other articles are waiting for you in the current issue of PTS News. Stay informed about the latest developments in the paper industry and their contribution to sustainability!

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