Analysis of macrostickies (standard)

Article number:
ISO 15360 (INGEDE 4 (3-fach))

One method for analysing of adhesive, polymeric impurities in fibrous materials from recovered paper is the determination of macrostickies according to INGEDE Method 4 on a laboratory scale. Macrostickies are particles (< 150 µm) that can be caused by tacky components and constituents in recovered paper and can be determined by analysing the residues of a laboratory sort. For this purpose, a pulp suspension is treated in a sorting process, usually a sorting via a Haindl or Somerville sorter with a slotted plate (slot width 150 µm), and the residues are prepared in such a way that an image-analytical measurement can be applied.

The measurement and evaluation of the macrosticky content is performed according to ISO 15360 and includes the following parameters:

  • Number [n/kg] and area [mm²/kg]
  • Size class distribution of the macrostickies
  • Theoretical industrial screening by means of specific separation rates

The macrosticky content can be assessed according to different assessment schemes, e.g. for fibre-based packaging according to Aticelca MC 501:2017.

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