Veröffentlichungen 2022

YutingWei, Franz Hirsch, Dietmar Süße, Birgit Lutsch, and Markus Kästner, Optimization of the dimensional stability of paper-based sandwich panels during the pressing process using design of experiments, Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 11 November 2022

E. Pigorsch and H. Obenaus, Spectroscopic Investigations for the Dating of Paper from the Nineteenth Century, Applied Spectroscopy, November 2022

E. Pigorsch, B. Kiessler and M. Hüls, New method for the absolute dating of paper by radiocarbon measurements, J. Forensic Sci. 67 (4) (2022) 1505–1512, 2022

Lull, Zahel, Panzner, Schilling, Fundamental investigations on the laser-melting of lignocellulosic fibres, Cellulose, July 2022



Frau Debora Zahel