Veröffentlichungen 2022

Yuanxi Liu, Alexander Feldner, Robert Kupfer, Martin Zahel, Maik Gude, Tiemo Arndt: Cellulose-based Composites Prepared by Two-step Extrusion from Miscanthus Grass and Cellulose Esters, Fibers Polym 23 (2022)

Yuting Wei, Franz Hirsch, Dietmar Süße, Birgit Lutsch, Markus Kästner: Optimization of the dimensional stability of paper-based sandwich panels during the pressing process using design of experiments, Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2022)

E. Pigorsch, H. Obenaus: Spectroscopic Investigations for the Dating of Paper from the Nineteenth Century, Applied Spectroscopy (2022)

E. Pigorsch, B. Kiessler, M. Hüls: New method for the absolute dating of paper by radiocarbon measurements, J. Forensic Sci. 67 (4) (2022)

Lull, Zahel, Panzner, Schilling: Fundamental investigations on the laser-melting of lignocellulosic fibres, Cellulose (2022)



Frau Debora Zahel