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PTS Insight: High performance material for batteries, fuel cells and electrical applications - The future of paper

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Online Meeting 10 am to 11 am,
05.11.2020 bis 05.11.2020

Today´s challenges of energy generation from renewable resources like solar power, wind power or microbial sources is the storage and conversion for steady continuous energy supply. Implementation requires newly developed materials in fuel cells, batteries and energy buffer systems, as well as alternative technological concepts to achieve this goal. Batteries and fuel cells have shown to act as promising products for energy supply in a broad range of applications. In recent years, many of the questions concerning the development of new materials for the above mentioned processes have been investigated.

At PTS highly filled specialty papers are new innovative materials which can be produced with various fillers (ceramic, metal). Such highly filled papers can be sintered to design properties such as porosity, conductivity, permeability and electric resistance which can be varied for any specific application. The highly filled papers are flat semi-finished products that can be used to produce 3D macro-structures on the basis of typical paper processing (e.g., folds, waves).

Flyer Download: Applications for specialty papers in batteries, electronics, fuel and electrolytic cells

The focus of research and development is currently on electrode materials for processes that ensure a sustainable and economic energy supply (fuel cell, electrolysis). Paper technology is used for increasing the efficiency of conventional manufacturing technologies and opens up new approaches and advantages in operation.

Event Focus:

The aim of the event is to introduce new approaches and possibilities of material development, which improves the effectiveness of conventional technologies, but also brings new horizons and benefits for the paper industry, material developers and end users.

Highly recommended for manufacturers of fuel cell and electrolysers, scientists at research institutes and people who wants to see the future of paper.

We look forward to your registration & an interesting exchange of knowledge!

PTS Expert & Moderator:

Dr. Stefan Knohl, Head of Department Functional Materials

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