Contaminant Monitor (CM)

The contaminant monitor was specially developed to measure homogeneously distributed substances on fast-running paper machines and to follow the temporal course over longer periods of time.

In the current version, the proportion of organic load (impurities) can be recorded on a 60 cm wide strip with a high measurement repetition rate. The system is highly flexible and can be installed at different, specific installation sites. In addition, further applications are possible for the NIR-based research device.

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Advantages, benefits and measurement parameters

  • Continuous determination of homogeneously distributed components
  • Provision of values for the process and quality control system
  • Early reaction to changes in the process
  • Avoidance of disruptions in paper production due to enrichments or depletions in the paper
  • Flexibly adaptable and expandable system

Measurement parameters

  • Percentage of organic artificial substances
  • Further parameters can be specifically adapted
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Herr Björn Zimmermann
Product Manager