We offer you: New ideas - New applications - New potentials

Between the brainstorming and the market-ready product is the complex development process. With our experience from numerous customer projects, we can accelerate this process and make it efficient.

Based on a detailed analysis, we start an idea generation workshop together with you. In this workshop, new product ideas, new areas of application and further potential are identified for specific search fields, time periods or strategic specifications. Confidentiality agreements ensure that ideas developed with and at your company are not used in competitive situations.

Once the brainstorming process is complete, a neutral evaluation of the economic and technological usefulness of the ideas is carried out. This evaluation of potential includes

  • Market studies
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • IPR/ patent check
  • Elaboration of possible business models
  • Optimisation of the value chain and vertical range of manufacture
  •  Identification and use of suitable funding programmes

After a positive evaluation and selection of suitable product ideas, we are also happy to support you in the technical implementation.

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