Line Camera System

The standard measurement of paper samples in the visual range with a DOMAS scanner is well established on the market. For complete cross-profile analyses, PTS has developed a line camera system that automatically measures strips with a width of 10 cm and then analyses the images with the DOMAS module of your choice.

An oblique light illumination based on LED is used for this purpose. A transmitted or reflected light analysis can also be realised.

Advantages and benefits

  • Measuring of complete transverse profiles, width of strips 10 cm (individually adjustable)
  • Automated measurement
  • High flexibility in quality testing due to a variety of available DOMASmultispec analysis modules
  • Allows increased sample size with the same laboratory time
  • High-resolution image acquisition with up to 5000 dpi (customisable)

Measurement parameters

  • Various quality parameters:
    • Dirt speck size and number
    • Surface deformations
    • Formation
    • Graininess
      • ...
  • Image acquisition in RGB or greyscale
Contact foto

Contact person

Herr Björn Zimmermann
Product Manager