Functional Surfaces

Enhanced properties for paper & board

The functionalization of surfaces is a crucial technology for the design of innovative products. It enables traditional materials like paper and cardboard to enhance their properties, facilitating the development of new materials and products. Surface functionalization thus points the way to innovative and new areas of application as well as to the optimization and finishing of packaging and special products. Our approach is rooted in a strong understanding of the rheological characteristics of coating colors, their interaction with the substrate surface, and their precise evaluation using metrological methods.

Surfaces & Bioeconomy

Customized coatings designed to meet specific needs impart distinct properties to surfaces, rendering them appealing not only for traditional packaging but also in the fields of smart packaging, energy storage, catalysis, and filtration.

Our emphasis always lies in bioeconomics, where renewable resources and closed-loop recycling play crucial roles. Through various dispersion and application systems, we can implement coatings at different scales, ranging from laboratory experimentation to pilot plant trials.

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Herr Dr. Martin Zahel
Geschäftsbereichsleiter Fasern & Composite