Recovered Paper Eye (RepEye)

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) methods, especially machine learning, the incoming goods inspection of waste paper in bale form was raised to a new level here.

Simple permanently installed camera technology is sufficient to evaluate the complete load of a truck in terms of grade conformity and composition. The basis of the development is an extensive collection of photos of a wide variety of deliveries and individual bales.

Advantages, benefits & measurement parameters

  • Comprehensive, objective and complete visual inspection of bale goods directly on the truck at goods receipt
  • Comparison of the required specification and the actual delivery
  • Detection of conspicuous individual bales
  • System continuously learns on site using further contextual information
  • Simple hardware installation

Measurement parameters

  • AP grade according to EN 643
  • Proportions of brown and light components
Contact foto

Contact person

Herr Björn Zimmermann
Product Manager