CEPI - Round robin tests

Recognised measurement validation for certified companies and facilities in paper production and processing.

The Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) has been acting as a coordinating, distributing and qualified laboratory for interlaboratory test samples in the field of paper, board, corrugated board and tissue in the CEPI working group for more than 25 years. More than 400 satisfied customers from the fields of pulp production, paper/board/corrugated board production, tissue production, the printing industry, the chemical industry as well as further processing and research already trust and use the spectrum offered from more than 75 test parameters.

The CEPI-CTS supports:

  • the optimisation of product quality
  • the optimisation of laboratory workflows
  • the monitoring of test equipment
  • quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement

Your benefits

  • Ensuring correct and comparable test results
  • Recognised documentation for internal and external quality assurance, validation of measurement results
  • Recognition of changes in the process sequence as well as defects in the test equipment
  • Improvement and standardisation of workflows during the testing process
  • Development of a high and constant test performance standard
  • Classification and evaluation of own measurements in comparison to other companies / institutions
  • Information on further development of testing methods and equipment
  • Staff education and training
  • Competent appearance towards customers, certification bodies and during customer audits

Process and evaluation

  • the interlaboratory tests take place 2 times per year
  • different measuring ranges available per test property
  • special formats for paper test lanes
  • after completion of the round robin test you will receive an overall and individual evaluation of the test parameters
  • our additional offer for you is the comparison and evaluation of your laboratory results with the values determined in the preliminary round by the qualified laboratories.

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CEPI Round robin – Overview (PDF)

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