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DOMASmultispec - Multispectral Image Analysis System

DOMASmultispec - Basic scanner version

More than 200 applications in many different sectors of the paper manufacturing and converting industries worldwide have made DOMAS image analysis system a market leader. The new DOMASmultispec offers the possibility for recording, processing and analysing multispectral data collected by a scanner or camera, to supplement optical images.

Produktflyer DOMAS Multispec DE (.pdf, 4 MB)

Product Flyer DOMAS Multispec EN (.pdf, 4 MB)

The use of additional segments of the electromagnetic spectrum combined with novel image recording devices makes analyses of material samples possible from previously unknown perspectives.

The fusion of image analysis data with chemical information creates entirely new possibilities for evaluation in the system. The focus on fibre-based materials enables additional applications in related industries (textile, wood). In future, the system will concentrate in particular on multilayers and composite materials.

PTS-DOMASmultispec is an advanced modular image analysis system. It is based on standard hardware and software components including personal computers, WINDOWS(TM) and EXCEL(TM) which are supplemented by dedicated modules for paper industry applications. The available modules enable automatic and flexible analyses of:

  • Dirt specks
  • Stickies
  • Sheet formation
  • Blackening
  • Pin-holes
  • Structures
  • Coverage
  • Pitting
  • Bleeding & Wicking
  • Mottling
  • Missing Dots
  • Heliotest
  • Chemical Imaging

Special advantages:

  • Easy to use (results are available after three mouse clicks)
  • Compliance with standards and standard methods (ISO, Tappi, INGEDE)
  • Measurement parameters can be defined and stored
  • Regular updates
  • Individual online assistance by PTS expert
  • Open interfaces with enterprise data systems
  • Installable on any PC with standard Windows software

DOMAS Macrosticky - determination according to DIN-Spec 6745

Bestimmung klebender und nicht klebender makroskopischer Partikel in Papier mit NIR-Kameratechnik

The new NIR imaging measurement method enables the determination of macrostickies, but also of non-adhesive polymers without a separation step directly in laboratory sheets of fabric samples or in finished paper. The objects are determined by number, size and area. In addition, it is possible to classify the detected impurities according to their chemical composition.

Advantages over previous determination methods:

  • Direct measurement in the dry paper sheet without sample preparation
  • No fibre sorting and staining required
  • Significant savings in time and personnel and therefore thus cost reduction. The only effort required sampling and, if necessary, making laboratory sheets for stock suspensions
  • NIR classification module enables differentiation between adhesive and non-adhesive as well as the identification of all other substance classes of polymeric impurity particles

DOMAS Makrostickies - Technical details:

The measuring system DOMAS Macrosticky is a complete system, consisting of a NIR measuring station a PC and a measuring and operating software.

The components are compactly enclosed in a 1 x 1 x 0.8 m structure. The core component, an NIR line scan camera, has a resolution of 120 x 120 μm per pixel, which is equivalent to over 200 dpi.

Produktflyer DOMAS Makrostickies DE (.pdf, 2.5 MB)

Product Flyer DOMAS Makrostickies EN (.pdf, 2.5 MB)

Measurement procedure:

The sample table contains a complete DIN A4 sheet of paper, but also a typical sheet, but also a typical RK sheet and larger groove sheets. After closing the cover, the fully automatic measurement begins. No pre-setting has to be made. The measurement itself takes up to 5 minutes, depending on the size of sample and ends with a visualization, quantification and classification of the polymeric objects.


The NIR raw data are assigned to the individual chemical components within a decision tree, combined into objects and statistically processed.

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