Fibre based Packaging: Know-How, Research, Pilot Plant & Services

Paper can do more: Packaging made of paper makes a decisive contribution to the development of a CO2-neutral bioeconomy. Frequently the same applies to the known from plastic packagingbarrier properties, resistance to liquids, transparency, formability and processability through new technological developments and the targeted use of materials and and processes.

We are happy to work together with you on the holistic and individual development of your packaging product. The combination of our many years of expertise, our current research activity, our technical equipment infrastructure and our strong partner network enables the realisation of even the most unusual and technologically demanding ideas fibre based packaging development.

We consult you in detail!


  • Packaging design with the support our partner network
  • Creation of end-of-life concepts for packaging
  • Simulation/ modelling for optimal design and efficient use of materials

Shape & Material

  • Selection of suitable available materials
  • Adaptation of fibre material through pulping or chemical modification
  • Paper production and fibre casting in small batches on a pilot scale
  • Rapid demonstrator production with a broad raw material base

Printing & Processing

  • Shape design through two- and three-dimensional through our partner network
  • Joining of packaging components via gluing, pressing and heat sealing
  • Printing
  • Traceability

Coating & Barriers

  • Development of dispersion barrier coatings
  • Establishment of bio-based coating materials
  • Optimisation of the barrier effect through material combination and application process
  • Use of innovative application methods
  • Assessment of the recyclability of new coatings

Compliance Work

  • Recyclability assessment of packaging components and complete products
  • Analysis and evaluation of food safety
  • Investigation of the migration potential of different contaminants
  • Specification comparison

We look forward to your request!

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