Code of Conduct

Dear colleagues,
dear business partners,

each individual bears the responsibility of complying with the values and rules of the organization and its employees and, as a result, of facilitating good and pleasant cooperation. For a successful future it is important that our goals are respected and implemented. The basis for this is appropriate and ethically correct behavior towards us and our business partners. This code of conduct is a guideline for the daily work, which describes how we imagine a successful and sustainable cooperation. Because our cooperation determines our joint success. Each individual contributes to the achievement of our goals with his or her behavior. Misconduct by individuals can cause considerable damage to all of us.

A code of conduct sets out the principles for fair, integrity and partnership-based action and demands that all our managers, employees and business partners live up to these principles. It is therefore all the more important that you read and internalize our PTS Code of Conduct carefully.

With kind regards,

Dr. Thorsten Voß, PTS Executive Board.

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