Documentary Service

Documentary Service

Certain official regulations require a certificate which we can issue after successful verification. These include the Dienstordnung für Notare/Notarinnen (DONot), requirements of the state ministries of justice, the Bundeshaushaltsordnung, the Dienstanweisung für das Standesamtswesen and the requirements of the Bundesärztekammer. In addition, customer-specific questions about document security can be answered in orientation tests. These include tests of writing materials as well as writing and stamping inks with regard to their suitability for the production of certificates and documents.

What is tested and how?

Devices with which certificates and documents are to be produced in the future are tested as a complete system "device - toner/ink - paper". The unprinted paper, test printouts/copies and selected data of the printer/copier are examined for reproducibility of the test result. The test printouts/copies are subjected to chemical, mechanical, optical and thermal stress - according to which the print characters must be clearly displayed and legible. Particular attention is paid to toner adhesion and ink penetration into the paper, as invisible manipulation of certificates and documents must be excluded.

Evidence & Advice for Notaries

Test certificate serves as proof: If the test is passed successfully, we issue a test certificate to the device manufacturers, which they can use as proof and for marketing purposes.

Note for notaries: Information on available test certificates issued by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) Heidenau in accordance with the Service Regulations for Notaries (>> DONot) for certain printer models or copiers can be obtained directly from the respective equipment manufacturer.