PTS is actively involved in diverse networks

The Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) is well networked at various levels and is a reliable partner in projects and research activities. Regionally, nationally and internationally, our experts contribute their know-how on the circular economy, DIN standards, research activities and paper technology issues.

At the annual PTS Network Day, PTS offers a platform where business, politics and research can meet and exchange ideas.

Founding member of the ZUSE Association

The German Industrial Research Association Konrad Zuse e.V. (ZUSE) represents the interests of non-profit, privately organized research institutions. The association, which is open to all technologies and sectors, currently has 77 members throughout Germany. The Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) is an active member and founding member of this important association in order to strengthen transfer-oriented research. Its involvement extends from various association committees to the initiation of research clusters in areas such as the bioeconomy, in order to initiate the networking of institutes in global trends and exploit the resulting research synergies.

Collaboration & member of Europe-wide 4evergreen initiative

Since May 2021, the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) has also been a member of 4evergreen and is active in the various working groups. PTS acts as Technical Advisor in the first workstream and contributes to the development of an evaluation scheme for the CEPI Test Method Version 1 for standard packaging machines. The further development of the method for special systems and deinking systems is also part of WS1. In the other workstreams, possibilities will be discussed to design the process of improved collection and sorting of waste paper, but also to create corresponding design guidelines and to highlight future innovations and their challenges for the paper cycle. All of this takes place under the umbrella of CEPI and demonstrates the constant striving of the industry.

Regional networking in research, business & science

Dresden as a science hub: PTS is part of it

By participating in the DRESDEN-concept initiative, PTS promotes and strengthens cooperation between regional partner institutions in order to identify and utilize synergies in research and teaching as well as infrastructure and administration.

By networking across institutional and subject boundaries, DRESDEN-concept offers PTS researchers an ideal location for science and innovation. Short distances between the partners, the sustainable use of infrastructures within the alliance and the establishment of joint research priorities make Dresden an outstanding science location in which PTS plays an active role.

PTS is an affiliated institute of the Technical University of Dresden

Strengthening the promotion of young talent, knowledge transfer and research - this is the motto of the cooperation agreed in May 2022 by the Board of Trustees of the Paper Technology Foundation (PTS) and the Rectorate of TU Dresden, which gives PTS the status of an "affiliated institute".

In close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Beckmann (Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at TU Dresden), PTS performs the tasks of an affiliated institute, such as basic and applied specialist research and development work, in-service training, further training for young scientists and the broad transfer of knowledge.

Dresden University of Technology:

Industry-related research institutes join forces

With its wide-ranging research spectrum in Saxony, the research community strengthens transfer-oriented, market-preparatory research in the interests of Saxony's SMEs. On the one hand, the focus is on Saxony's industries of the future, such as materials, technology and process development, and on the other, it is always on the pulse of key social challenges such as resource efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Together with the other institutes, PTS is involved in joint research projects, innovation days, political work and the transfer of knowledge via various formats.

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