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Recovered Paper Monitoring ensures your high recovered paper quality

Our innovative quality monitoring system evaluates the composition of paper for recycling in line with INGEDE Method 7. It provides results at an extremely high confidence level within just a few minutes, including mass flow-related analyses.

Advantages of quality monitoring:

  • Online quality monitoring of incoming bales combined with suitable warehouse logistics as basis for the handling of complaints
  • Continuous measurement of quality parameters on the feed conveyor to the pulper
  • Short response time for adjustments in the process control system
  • Produces input for process and quality control systems
  • Avoids disturbances in production
  • Increases plant efficiency
  • Online monitoring of outgoing quality incl. quality certification for sorting plant operators

Quality monitoring of paper for recycling - goals and benefits:

  • Continuous measurement of the quality parameters of loose or baled papers for recycling directly on the feeding belt
  • Measurement and evaluation across the entire belt width
  • Mass flow-related evaluations
  • Generates input for process and quality control systems
  • Short response time for adjustments in the process control system of treatment plants
  • Avoids disturbances in treatment or production processes caused by varying compositions of critical papers for recycling
  • Increases the efficiency and availability of plant systems and equipment
  • Enables the assessment of suppliers of paper for recyclin

What can the technology do for you?

Measurement parameters

  • Ash content
  • Share of plastics
  • Moisture
  • Shares of papers coated with UV or dispersion varnishes
  • Share of flexoprinted newspapers
  • Share of deinking papers
  • Ratio between newspapers and magazines
  • Share of packaging papers (corrugated board, folding cartons etc.)

Evaluation results:

  • Graphic representation of parameter developments
  • Display of numerical results over pre-defined time or quantitative intervals (e.g. pulper charges)
  • Input values for process control system
  • Archived measuring data, optional: forecasted quality parameters of final paper products
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