Optical Strain Field Analysis

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Conventional physical test methods give averaged characteristic values over the sample cross-section, e.g. the elongation at break in the tensile test in %. However, investigations regarding local property variations cannot be carried out with this - but are of particular interest for many further processing procedures, such as the creasing of folding boxboard. In order to exclude the influence of the additional measuring system on the material characteristics, the so-called optical strain field analysis (digital image correlation) is used.

In addition to the advantages of high-resolution local evaluation of material properties, the non-contact system offers another advantage: The measurements take place directly on the material, i.e. all interfering influences - such as displacement of the test equipment or an adhesive used - are not included in the calculation. This makes it possible to also examine existing measuring methods for their accuracy and optimise them if necessary. In general, almost every two-dimensional load case can be supported with the optical strain field analysis - due to the mobility of the system, this can even be done at your company.

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