Pore size and distribution

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What is determined with this method?

  • Penetration volume of mercury (contact angle 140°) into accessible pores using low and high pressure (up to 50000 psi, pressure-volume curve)
  • Determination of the detected pore sizes (diameter) by means of the Washburn equation as well as representation of the pore size distribution

Measuring range

  • Pore diameter: 10 nm to 100 µm

What is evaluated with this method?

  • Average pore size and pore size distribution of materials such as paper, nonwovens or powders
  • Pore volumes
  • Total porosity
  • Evaluation of of the fibre network itself or specificly the porosity separately of the papercoating, if uncoated base substrate is available
  • Specific surface area

Application examples of the method by material

  • Characterisation of substrates such as paper, board and powders
  • Characterisation of coating porosities or porosity of coatings

What knowledge is gained by this method?

  • (Total) porosity of materials
  • Pore sizes and distribution, pore volumes in the material (powder particles, papers, coatings etc.)
  • Available volume for absorption processes of liquids/inks in ink-receiving layers/paper coatings
  • Influence of changed formulations or manufacturing conditions on the porosity of materials (or selectively on their coating)

In which company or process area are these methods used?

  • Company: Product development, research

What problems can this method solve / identify for the customer?

  • Conclusions about the permeability of materials
  • Influence of changed formulations or manufacturing conditions on material properties that depend on porosity

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