Material modelling (FE simulation)

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Are you confronted with unexpected changes in product properties, do you detect systematic defects during production, forming, transport, storage or in new areas of application? Conventional materials testing does not always lead to a solution. This is because the loads that occur in practice are almost always made up of components with different directions and speeds, which also have different effective durations and degrees of localisation.

With the help of numerical simulations (FEM), the individuality of each material can be described at every point by a material tensor behind it. Entire processes of the forming of semi-finished products or processes of the loads on products during the period of use can thus be simulated and visually presented. Processes and product properties can be optimised by iteratively adapting the most important of the technologically reducible parameters for geometries and material properties.

We have extensive methodological knowledge, which we use in combination with our paper technology know-how to be able to offer you solutions even for complex problems.

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