Recyclability Testing acc. PTS-RH 021 - Cat 2

Article number:
PTS-RH 021:2012

For the purpose of said test method, ‘recyclability’ is a post-consumer or pre-consumer paper or board product’s ability to be treated in a recovered paper treatment plant according to recognised rules of engineering so as to ensure that the secondary fibre furnish allows the undisturbed and cost-effective manufacture of a recycled fibre-based new paper of acceptable quality.

It is intended to characterize the recyclability of paper and board packages, paper-based special products, graphic print products and adhesives applications or finishing materials containing non-paper components and which are used for transport safety, reinforcement or handling of recycling-oriented packages and is simulated the industrial paper industry process in laboratory scale.

The criteria used in the assessment of the recyclability are:

  • Repulpability (Mass percentage of the constituents not usable in papermaking)
  • Undisturbed sheet formation (Purity of the furnish mass percentage usable in papermaking regarding stickies or optical inhomogeneities)

An assessment of potential impacts on circuit waters or effluents is not part of this method.

The recovered paper stock preparation process for the packaging stream (Cat.2) does not include a deinking step for the removal of printing inks. It is mainly used for the manufacture of packaging papers. This category is mainly used for testing packaging products as well as the related semi-finished paper and board.

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