Sheet forming from virgin fibre pulp

Article number:
DIN EN ISO 5263-1 to 5263-3

Laboratory test sheets are formed using the Rapid-Köthen method according to DIN EN ISO 5269-2. Wet whipping of the pulps in the laboratory is carried out according to DIN EN ISO 5263-1 to 5263-3, depending on the pulp (chemical pulp, wood pulp 20 °C and wood pulp 80 °C).

In this process, a specific volume of a pulp suspension is placed in a filling chamber filled with water, dewatered via a defined sieve and then dried with virtually no shrinkage (contact pressure and vacuum as well as the temperature are specified).

The laboratory sheets produced can then be subjected to a wide variety of physical tests, depending on the number of laboratory sheets to be produced.

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