Article number:

What is determined with this method?

  • Determination of the advancing and receding angles of liquids in contact with a solid surface
  • Measurement of the hysteresis due to different contact angle in the course of wetting (advancing angle) and dewetting (receding angle)

Measuring range:

  • Contact angle: 0° - 180° (± 0,1°)
  • Drop dosing from 1 µL possible
  • Frame rate: up to 52 frames per second

What is evaluated with this method?

  • Degree of hysteresis as a measure of the adhesive force between liquid and solid surface
  • Homogeneity of a surface: more pronounced hysteresis in the presence of more inhomogeneous surfaces (topographically as well as chemically)

Examples of application of the method by material

  • evaluation of the wettability/roughness/surface quality of a coated surface after different treatments

What insights do customers gain about your products/samples with this method?

  • The difference between the advancing angle and the receding angle (hysteresis) is a measure of the roughness of a solid surface (e.g. paper coating, plastic surface, etc.).

In which company or process area are these methods applied?

  • Company: product development

Which problems can this method solve / recognise at the customer?

  • Checking desired/specifically adjusted surface properties

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