Stauchwiderstand von Packmitteln (BCT)

Article number:
DIN 55440-1
DAkkS - Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle D-PL-17375-01-00

The compression resistance (Box Compression Test, BCT) is determined according to DIN 55440-1. The compression resistance is the resistance force that a packaging material exerts against a compressive force acting vertically on it.

The BCT is measured on 10 boxes per sample. The packaging materials are placed in the testing machine with the pressure plate locked. The moving pressure plate is then moved towards the other at a constant feed rate of 10 mm/min until the design fails at which point it is no longer possible to increase the compressive force.

After the test, the boxes are checked for visible damage, which is noted. Furthermore, the maximum compression resistance is given in N and the compression distance in mm, which is necessary to achieve the maximum compression resistance.

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