Cepi recyclability laboratory test method - Standard recycling mill

Article number:
Cepi recyclability method, Part A

The test of recyclability based on the CEPI recyclability method (Part A) investigates the behaviour of a material during a standard recovered paper stock preparation in a paper mill at laboratory scale. The pulping behaviour after 10 min of disintegration is determined by determining the coarse and fine rejects, as well as the quality of the recyclate with regard to tacky and visual impurities. Another parameter is the investigation of the water phase by determining the COD release (chemical oxygen demand) as well as the evaporation residue of the pulped fibre suspension. An additional analysis of the tacky impurities by means of a macrosticky analysis can be added to the test procedure on a modular basis. To be accepted for testing, materials must consist of at least 50% fibres. 

The aim is to gain a comprehensive impression of how paper-based packaging or its semi-finished products affect the material recycling. For an evaluation of the material, a comparison is made with existing methods and other benchmarks available.

The results of the investigation can be used for a better understanding of the behaviour of the own sample material and contribute to an increased recyclability already in the phase of product development.

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