Laser diffraction analysis

Article number:

What is determined with this method?

  • Particle size using static light scattering/laser diffractometry

Measuring range:

  • Particle size: 0.05 – 500 µm
  • Concentration: 0.01 – 0.001 % (by volume)
  • Scattering angle range: 0.03 ° to 135 °
  • Not suitable for unstable dispersions

What is evaluated with this method?

  • Particle size distribution of a dispersion
  • Tendency to agglomerate/aggregate

Examples of application of the method by material:

  • Characterisation of pigments and organic polymers
  • Evaluation of the stability of dispersions

What insights do customers gain about your products/samples with this method?

  • Particle size distribution of polymers and particles in dispersion
  • Influence of pH value, salt concentration and use of additives on the agglomeration behaviour of a dispersion

In which company or process area are these methods applied?

  • Process: quality management
  • Company: product development, research

Which problems can this method solve / recognise at the customer?

  • Optimisation of dispersions

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