Microplastic release potential

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PTS method

This analysis is aiming to evaluate the microplastic release potential of a specific product. Therefore, we study whether polymer particles remain after a cellulose digest. In addition, fibre recovery processes are conducted in lab scale (in accordance with the ‘Cepi recyclability laboratory test method version 2 - Standard mill’) and the resulting reject as well as the recovered fibres are analysed concerning their polymer content. Using this approach, we can detect microplastics ranging from 6 µm to 5 mm.

Based on our analyses, you gain insight on the quantity of microplastic contained in your product which can potentially be released. What is more: you also can estimate the extent of microplastics in rejects and recovered fibre. Currently, we do not perform an additional process water analysis, but we offer to interpret the results according to the latest scientific results.

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