Optical Topography Measurement

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What is determined with this method?

  • Generation of depth-focused 3D images (dense true-colour surface model)
    • Determination of topographic characteristics of surfaces (surface analysis)
    • Surface profiles

Measuring range

  • Optics:
    • Magnifications: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
    • Vertical resolution: depending on magnification 0.5 µm to 8 µm
    • lateral resolution: depending on magnification 0.4 µm to 1.6 µm
  • sample:
    • max. object height: 70 mm
    • max. lateral extension: 120 mm x 53 mm
    • max. object weight: 0.5 kg (5 kg if stage is not moved)

What is evaluated with this method?

  • Surface roughness (area analysis)
  • Roughness (profile analysis)
  • Evaluation of surface smoothness

Application examples of the method by material

  • Characterisation of (paper) surfaces (rough to extremely smooth papers measurable, gloss and transparency are problematic to measure)
  • Evaluation of printed products

Findings with this method:

  • Determination of roughness parameters
  • Quality assessment of surfaces and determination of surface defects

In which company or process area are these methods used?

  • Company: Product development, research, QA

Which problems can be solved?

  • Solving surface-related problems by correlating topographic characteristic values with physical surface properties
  • Process-related interpretation of surface phenomena
  • Raw material-related interpretation of surface phenomena

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