Water retention capacity of coating colors

Article number:

What is determined with this method?

  • Statement about the water release of a coating color, from which the water retention capacity of the coating color can be indirectly derived
  • Identification of differences in the absorption properties of different papers

Measuring range:

  • Relative comparison of colors or coating base papers among each other is possible
  • Method does not provide an absolute statement about the water retention capacity

What is evaluated with this method?

  • Gravimetric determination of the water that was released in the paper substrate after application of the coating color
  • Result: absorbed water quantity in gsm
  • To be able to compare samples with each other, it is advisable to measure under the same conditions (cell pressure, swell time, filter paper used).

Examples of application of the method by material

  • Coating color development
  • Development of coating color additives and their formulation
  • Quality control of the coating process

What knowledge do you gain with this method?

  • To comprehend dewatering processes and dewatering speed of coating colors
  • Statements on the water retention capacity and immobilisation behaviour of coating colors

In which company or process area are these methods applied?

  • Process: QA, research, product development
  • Company: Paper Production/ Paper coating technology

Which problems can this method solve / detect at the customer?

Too low or high water retention leads to problems during coating process.
The higher the water release, the lower the water retention capacity of the coating color.
A too strong water retention can lead to drying problems in the paper machine.

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